Goodbye 2014


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and other happy holidays.

The week off flew by with lots of shopping, cooking, family gatherings, photos, and multiple visits to the movie theater.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find time to visit The Swan House. Maybe after this long stretch of ICU rotation we’ll get back to Atlanta again.

However, I have created an Instagram account for Adventure Kettle! Initially, I created a Flickr account, but the app continued to crash on my phone, so I guess Instagram is the way to go.

There were several days I nearly forgot to take a picture, but so far so good though. Here’s the link:

Well, until next time, I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year! May life bring you new adventures to share!


2 for the price of 1

Well, it’s been a two for the price of one week here at Adventure Kettle. Thursday I successfully drove back to my hometown for the first time. I don’t have a photo of myself driving, but I do have a photo of a very special event I attended back in my old stomping ground. So here’s your proof!

IMG_1538I’m not actually sure if I plan to post photos of myself on this blog. It’ll probably be photos of things and my point-of-view, to give it a sense of anonymity for readers who don’t know me personally.

Anyways, back on topic, I really wanted to visit The Swan House in Atlanta with the family after this event. However, I was disappointed that the particular Swan House tour I wanted was not available 12/13/14. The mother-in-law and I speculated that maybe someone was using the house for a wedding 12/13/14?

Street cars are still in the testing phase, but really cool!
Street cars are still in the testing phase, but really cool!

However, since I was so close to the Atlanta area, I really wanted to knock another item off the list. I felt on top of the world, so why not be on top of the world via the fairly new SkyView ride in downtown? Since my beloved Great Gasp/parachute at Six Flags is no more, I figured it’s the next best thing.

On the way there, I was not worried about the height at all. The seats are enclosed and climate controlled, and altogether sounded more comfortable than a normal Ferris wheel. It didn’t dawn on me until I was standing in line that it might give me the creeps once I got to the top. I do have panic attacks, but they’re not as bad as they once were.

Olympic Park and one of the doors we could have fell out of…

Getting in I was nervous. The majority of the enclosed “gondola” is clear glass. I’m guessing it’s probably stronger than real glass, but when you’re nervous these things don’t pop into your head. The seats are hard benches that can fit up to 6 people. No seat belts, no handles. I really wanted a handle like you see in some cars or on buses or other mass transit.

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high…reading rainbow

But there is an emergency call button in case of illness or freak-outs. That made me and other people in our party feel better. Plus, it only goes around 4 times or about nine to fifteen minutes.

Can you see your old dorm from here?

The first rotation towards the top is the moment of unsurety. After that, it’s fun. You can see the top of Ted Turner’s place, Georgia Tech, what looks to be Stone Mountain, and possibly Kennesaw Mountain. I’d actually like to go again at night and take some pictures of the city lights. Everyone enjoyed it. I feel that it’s a great addition to the tourist area. The husband is interested in the VIP gondola that has a glass floor…hmm, we’ll see.

So, now it’s time for our next item:


Well, Whad’ya know? I guess The Swan House is still in my future. I promise this is random. Maybe I’ll video the next draw from the kettle.

First Item

Stare into the adventures ahead!
Stare into the adventures ahead!

So, I thought a good way to do this would be to cut the 30 items into paper strips and draw them out of the kettle. Whatever is pulled out becomes my new priority, within reason. I know you all want to see us go camping in freezing weather, but somehow don’t think the husband is going to agree to that. (I’m all for going camping on the beach in January, but again, the husband is picky, and the item states that I have to go with him).

Also, I have already started the “Take A Photo Everyday for A Year” challenge. Planning to create either a Instagram or Flickr account for it asap.

Well, here goes the first item! *Drum roll again*

IMG_1376Wow, way to get my feet wet with #24. I feel some explanation is necessary. I actually don’t do a lot of driving. I can be a real homebody. Where I used to live, there weren’t many places to go, and where I live now is overcome by urban sprawl and roads that desperately need turning and passing lanes.

Anyhow, since we moved, I have never drove all the way to or from our hometown. Probably because everyone wants us to get there the same day we left, lol. But with several events happening in December, it’s a good month, full of opportunity, to mark this off the list.

The List!

IMG_1302Well, it’s another on-call night and I’m sitting here with the cats listening to Fleet Foxes on iTunes radio.

I don’t normally make a big deal about birthdays, but this year I had a good one. The husband surprised me with a chocolate cake, two LPs I wanted, and two flannel shirts (he has really awesome taste, I should let him pick out clothes all the time). Then we went to dinner and a movie.

I meant to have the list up early today, but I got distracted with books I’m selling and Secret Santa swap I’m doing with some fellow book bloggers.

Anyhow, enough excuses! Here is the list (no order). Drum roll, please:

  1. Publish an ebook
  2. Visit the Swan House in Atlanta
  3. Go camping with husband
  4. Leave a note in a library book
  5. Can something
  6. Take a photo everyday for a year
  7. Visit Tallulah Falls
  8. Learn to crochet
  9. Write screenplay
  10. Create a secret family recipe
  11. Make soap
  12. Set up online craft shop
  13. Watch AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies
  14. Create webcomic
  15. Sidewalk chalk project
  16. Go horse back riding
  17. Finish a video game with husband
  18. Visit SkyView Atlanta
  19. Egg canvas project
  20. Attend opera or orchestra
  21. Finish a coloring book
  22. Ride in hot air balloon
  23. Visit Shakespeare Tavern
  24. Drive all the way home
  25. Finish Wreck This Journal
  26. Build-A-Bear
  27. Giveaway 20 books
  28. Have a real picnic
  29. Cosplay
  30. Star gazing date

Let’s get started

Welcome To Adventure Kettle
Awesome cake and candles my husband surprised me with!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Today, I am 29. I could tell you woes and struggles about my age. I could tell you that I don’t feel almost 30, that I’m frequently mistaken for being younger (which I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing). But that doesn’t take away from the cold, hard, fact that I am almost 30.

So, I want to do a 30 before 30 project.

I want to make this last year of my 20s special and I enjoy challenges and memes (ideas that spread from person to person within a culture). I fully believe in going in the direction of your dreams, no matter how big or small. Life is too short not to. My dad died at 50. In the past, I’ve won NaNoWriMo three times. Since 2011, I have read 75+ books a year. Here in 2014, I’ve lost 45+ pounds, before my foot gave out to a pinched nerve/neuroma/benign tumor. I’m also currently working on the Q&A-a-day: 5 Year Journal by Potter Style. Nerdy dares are my thing.

So, naturally when I learned about the 30 before 30 project list a few weeks ago, I was excited. I was randomly looking at bucket list ideas on Pinterest when I discovered the project. I’m game. Even if I don’t get to all 30, it’ll be fun along with way.

I randomly named this blog Adventure Kettle. I knew all forms of 30 before 30 would already be in use as a username, so I had to get more creative. I thought of several names, all taken. I had the idea to put the list in a jar and we would draw them out, but everything with the word jar in it was taken, too.

So, then I thought of this project as a kind of adventure. (No relation to the show Adventure Time, never seen it.) And since kettle was a synonym for bucket, as in bucket list, adventure kettle it is.

When I started telling others about this idea, I felt like they were inspired, too. Someone asked if you could do a 56 before 56. I say: sure! Feel free to make your own list, bucket, or kettle!

Party Cat from
Party Cat from

That’s all for now, I’ll be posting the list soon!