First Item

Stare into the adventures ahead!
Stare into the adventures ahead!

So, I thought a good way to do this would be to cut the 30 items into paper strips and draw them out of the kettle. Whatever is pulled out becomes my new priority, within reason. I know you all want to see us go camping in freezing weather, but somehow don’t think the husband is going to agree to that. (I’m all for going camping on the beach in January, but again, the husband is picky, and the item states that I have to go with him).

Also, I have already started the “Take A Photo Everyday for A Year” challenge. Planning to create either a Instagram or Flickr account for it asap.

Well, here goes the first item! *Drum roll again*

IMG_1376Wow, way to get my feet wet with #24. I feel some explanation is necessary. I actually don’t do a lot of driving. I can be a real homebody. Where I used to live, there weren’t many places to go, and where I live now is overcome by urban sprawl and roads that desperately need turning and passing lanes.

Anyhow, since we moved, I have never drove all the way to or from our hometown. Probably because everyone wants us to get there the same day we left, lol. But with several events happening in December, it’s a good month, full of opportunity, to mark this off the list.


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