2 for the price of 1

Well, it’s been a two for the price of one week here at Adventure Kettle. Thursday I successfully drove back to my hometown for the first time. I don’t have a photo of myself driving, but I do have a photo of a very special event I attended back in my old stomping ground. So here’s your proof!

IMG_1538I’m not actually sure if I plan to post photos of myself on this blog. It’ll probably be photos of things and my point-of-view, to give it a sense of anonymity for readers who don’t know me personally.

Anyways, back on topic, I really wanted to visit The Swan House in Atlanta with the family after this event. However, I was disappointed that the particular Swan House tour I wanted was not available 12/13/14. The mother-in-law and I speculated that maybe someone was using the house for a wedding 12/13/14?

Street cars are still in the testing phase, but really cool!
Street cars are still in the testing phase, but really cool!

However, since I was so close to the Atlanta area, I really wanted to knock another item off the list. I felt on top of the world, so why not be on top of the world via the fairly new SkyView ride in downtown? Since my beloved Great Gasp/parachute at Six Flags is no more, I figured it’s the next best thing.

On the way there, I was not worried about the height at all. The seats are enclosed and climate controlled, and altogether sounded more comfortable than a normal Ferris wheel. It didn’t dawn on me until I was standing in line that it might give me the creeps once I got to the top. I do have panic attacks, but they’re not as bad as they once were.

Olympic Park and one of the doors we could have fell out of…

Getting in I was nervous. The majority of the enclosed “gondola” is clear glass. I’m guessing it’s probably stronger than real glass, but when you’re nervous these things don’t pop into your head. The seats are hard benches that can fit up to 6 people. No seat belts, no handles. I really wanted a handle like you see in some cars or on buses or other mass transit.

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high…reading rainbow

But there is an emergency call button in case of illness or freak-outs. That made me and other people in our party feel better. Plus, it only goes around 4 times or about nine to fifteen minutes.

Can you see your old dorm from here?

The first rotation towards the top is the moment of unsurety. After that, it’s fun. You can see the top of Ted Turner’s place, Georgia Tech, what looks to be Stone Mountain, and possibly Kennesaw Mountain. I’d actually like to go again at night and take some pictures of the city lights. Everyone enjoyed it. I feel that it’s a great addition to the tourist area. The husband is interested in the VIP gondola that has a glass floor…hmm, we’ll see.

So, now it’s time for our next item:


Well, Whad’ya know? I guess The Swan House is still in my future. I promise this is random. Maybe I’ll video the next draw from the kettle.


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