They say what you do on New Year’s…

They say what you do on New Year’s Day, you do all year long.

new_2015_year_312391Is this a folktale from the South or is it true everywhere? (feel free to answer)

Anyhow, I ate healthy, check. Exercised, check. Wrote in my pen and ink journal, check. Cleaned the apartment, check. Spent time with the husband, check. Read the books I got for Christmas, check. Blogged in my Reader Blog, check. Planned to write on here and didn’t…well, I guess that’s why it ended up being January 28th before another update, cause I planned to write here on New Year’s Day and didn’t get around to it.

That, and we’ve also be having a barking dog problem in the apartment above us. And they let it potty outside our windows. Makes for a lovely view. So, we’ve been trying to capture all the evidence for the managers. For the past several days I’ve felt like an undercover agent or possibly a suburban wildlife cinematographer.

Haven’t been able to work on the Swan House item. So, I decided to draw from the kettle again, in hopes of finding something to be working on (in-between the barking, the headaches, etc.). *Drumroll* (again):


So, the next item on the list is: Set up an online craft store!

Yay, been wanting and planning to do this for a long time. Years, actually.

Now maybe the dog will take a nap long enough for me to think of what to make and sell?

I’m also thinking that I need to start working on the AFI list or I’ll never get to all the movies in time. Next post, I plan to list the movies that I have watched and see how many we have left before the list is completed. Stay tuned!