Been A Long Time Since We Rock & Rolled

IMG_3878I never intended to go a month without an update! I’ve experienced pain with a neuroma in my foot since last summer. At times, the only relief I found was soaking my foot in a bucket of cold ice water until it was completely numb. After getting a second opinion in March, I contacted the doctor’s office about having surgery. For some reason, I figured it would be months before they could work me in, however, I suddenly found myself scheduled for surgery May 1st. They are prompt.

In preparation for being off my feet for a while, I cleaned house like a madwoman. Updated my reader blog. We went camping, to cross it off the list ,and I updated here in late April. I prepared for the long days of watching movies and catching up on my reading before me. Only I didn’t take into account how I would feel after surgery. The pain medicine made me so sleepy, I simply didn’t feel like watching or reading much. I spent two weeks in a daze of “what-have-I-done-to-myself?” Slowly, and finally, things have started to improve.

IMG_3881I did manage to do the egg canvas project! I’ve seen Jackson Pollock’s work in Atlanta, but I first learned about egg canvas art from Pinterest. With a little help from my family and the family chickens, I filled eggs with paint and threw them at a canvas.

Instructions: The best way to save the egg is to crack the top with a spoon. Insert the spoon into the egg to help get the yolk out and you have an egg shell with a large hole in the top. I then used hot water, antibacterial soap, and spin & span (because I’m a clean freak) to gently clean the egg shell. Set aside in the egg carton to dry. Wearing old clothes, and putting on rubber gloves, I filled the eggs with a generous amount of Crayola non-toxic washable paint. I found this paint at Kroger for about $4. Washable is important if you don’t want to stain your lawn. We experimented with acrylic paint, but washable paint splattered much easier. And if you do get it on your clothes or skin, it will wash off without a fight. Stand over canvas, throw at a slight angle. And Voilà!:

IMG_3882 To me it looks like a bouquet of wildflowers 🙂 We are planning to hang a series of three above own couch. Might create a few as gifts. My uncle joked that he saw a video of a monkey doing the same thing…but it’s really a lot of fun and makes interesting chaos. Also an interesting conversation piece! I could see myself revisiting this project around Easter when we have kids.

More updates soon, promise!