4th of July Sidewalk Chalk

Well, now that it’s the end of the month, there’s nothing to do but backtrack and write about the beginning of the month.

IMG_5051Happy Be-lated 4th of July to all! I decided that the 4th would be a prefect time to complete list item: Sidewalk chalk project. I found a Crayola sand pail full of chalk at Ollie’s. Thank goodness for good stuff cheap.

But then I hesitated because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to draw or where I wanted to draw it. Did I want to draw around my apartment or in my hometown? Something cute or something Banksy-esque (in my dreams).

There are several reasons I wanted to do a sidewalk chalk project before 30. One reason is simply immature, I never used chalk much. I grew up in the country, with no sidewalks. My street wasn’t even paved. I could have decorated the carport, but sidewalk chalk wasn’t something I was given as a kid. I can remember drawing a hopscotch pad in middle school, but that’s about it.

IMG_4872Secondly, I was inspired by some awesome art on Pinterest, ranging from beautiful, to funny, to strange. It made me think, I wanna do that, too! Thirdly, drawing something on the ground for someone to find and scratch their head is just my brand of goofy, obtuse humor. I get so tickled thinking of the look on someone’s face when they think I’m crazy. Finally, as a writer, I try to stay in touch with my inner child for the sake of my characters. There’s method acting, sometimes you have to do some method writing. Yes, I’m a hipster in that way.

Anyhow, I finally decided it would be nicer to draw around my hometown. I have been really frustrated about problems in my apartment community, so the temptation to write something honest about the place, is just too much. For the sake of all, the chalk is better left miles away in my hometown. Because today, I would probably write something really honest about finding a razor blade near my flat tire. Or snakes. Or dog poop under my windows. Or dogs that bark for 7+ hours.

IMG_4866Instead, I thought it would be fun to create something on the sidewalk near by uncle’s home downtown and enjoy the thought of parade goers taking in my art. A good plan in theory. However, it rained out the town’s parade and fireworks. So, only a few people saw my art. It was mostly noisy people in pick-up trucks with nothing better to do than ride in circles. But maybe this crazy 29 year old on the sidewalk with chalk blew their mind for a moment.

Having tried my hand at this, I really appreciate people who are good at sidewalk art. It breaks easily, the dust gets everywhere, and there’s not much room for mistakes until it rains. You probably have to be a city person, someone who is very comfortable being watched.

When I have time, I hope to create more whimsical images around town.


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