Hey, Hey, Cosplay

IMG_1414 Cosplay. Another word I used to hate. It’s seemingly a fusion between costume + play, and a product of the anime invasion. But I love costumes, and plays, and anime. I just hate the word. But, then again, it’s taken me a long time to like the words “blog” and “selfie”, too.

I wanna say that all little girls love dress-up. I once got in trouble for applying my mom’s mascara to my eyes. My parents kept asking each other what was wrong with my eyelashes…I just thought they were in awe of my beautiful Cinderella transformation.

Overall, I think that childhood fun is why Halloween is so popular. I’m sure it’s immature to some, but for me, I see it as artistic. How close can you really get to being the character? Close enough you for to accept it? For others?

IMG_1416Well, cosplay is Halloween minus Halloween. No candy and connection to the dead. Just being a character the best you can be. It’s commonly seen at fan conventions like Comic*Con. But I’ve also seen cosplay in parades and “just-because” cosplay photography shoots. Last week we found a bargain art book at Barnes and Noble all about cosplay as an artbook.

I have cosplayed before, just not well. When the hubby and I were first dating, there was a fan convention held on his college campus. I basically wore my black cat Halloween costume. True, I was dressed up, but not as a specific character. I guess I could have really stretched it and called myself “Luna” from Sailor Moon, “JiJi” from Kiki’s Delivery Service, or “Kuroneko” from Trigun. But at the time, I didn’t have money to buy the props to specifically dress as so-in-so. And, during this time I was plus size, and limited the in characters I could realistically pull off.

So, having lost eighty pounds since then and being in a slightly better financial position, I intended to cosplay for Atlanta’s Dragon*Con. Only, the chance came and went and I didn’t do it. Labor Day in Atlanta is a very warm weekend. Unlike the fan con from the hubby’s alma mater, Dragon*Con involves walking from building to building in the heat. My brother went as Indiana Jones and seemed to regret it half-way through the day. IMO, cosplay at Dragon*Con is for the cold-natured, the heat-lovers, those only hanging out until noon, or people staying at one of the area hotels who can easily go back to their room and change back into human. Commuters driving in and driving home, beware.

Hunger-GamesFor a while, I kinda had it in mind that this Halloween I would cosplay as Katniss. There’s a great area around my apt that looks like a wall from District 12. But, turns out, real bows and arrows and having my hair braided (I can barely put my own hair into a ponytail fit for the public eye) are a little more than I wanted to spend. So, I scratched that idea.

Instead, I went with another cool, strong female charater. See, the hubby really wanted to buy a Harry Potter Slytherin robe at Dragon*Con. I had sticker shock and told him to wait. Which was wise, because we found the same costume on Ebay from a seller in China for much less. Then I figured if the husband was going to be a Slytherin, I could be Hermione. Not the puffy, curly hair Hermione from the first movies, but the style of the last films. So, it was settled.

This year an October trip to the Biltmore Estate was our planned vacation. I suddenly envisioned us at the closest thing to an American Hogwarts.

All are welcomed at Biltwarts: The American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!


Later, we also decided to have some fun in the woods near our hometown.


Mischief Managed, or 29. Cosplay complete.


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