Wrecked It

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

My 30th birthday is fast approaching. So, this will probably be the final update before then. As with everything I do, it’s coming down to the wire. Even now, writing this, there’s probably something else I should be working on…

IMG_8359A big one is that I’ve finished Wreck This Journal! I never thought I would. I bought it for myself back in 2013, but I’m such a neat freak that I couldn’t bring myself to get the book stained and dirty, until I forced myself this year. It certainly has been a good adventure in letting things go.

My favorite page involved tying a string to the journal and taking it for a walk. Doing so seriously wrecked it. Look at the scuff marks on the cover. The husband and I pretended it was our dog as we walked the half a mile from our apartment to the mailbox center. I was hoping someone would think we were crazy and call the cops…but maybe I should save that for the 40 before 40.

As my last Wrecking Act, I sealed it with pretty duck tape, mailing tape, and sent it off to my in-law’s home. I’ll add photos of it’s condition next time we see it.

Other than that, lots and lots of movies watched. I truly feel more cultured now.


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