The 3-0

IMG_8450The 3-0 birthday has come and gone.

Do I feel older?

In a way, yes. There’s something that seems so much stronger about 3-0 than 2-9. Thanks to this blog and my 30 before 30, and my family who helped make it happen, I certainly feel I have lived fully this year. It was action-packed. Unforgettable. When I think how much has happened and changed since this time last year, it feels like 5 years instead of 1.

I never intended for the list to come down to the wire like it did. When I started the blog, I planned to randomly draw items out of my tea kettle to complete. But after the first few months, scheduling didn’t allow for that. I had to do what I could do when I could do it.

I didn’t foresee how long it would take me to recover from my foot surgery. I couldn’t have known how suddenly my grandmother would pass. When we travel back to our hometown, I always feel like a guest, and can’t slip away to blog or do creative things.

But I found a way, even if it wasn’t the way that I first intended. I wanted to write a new novel to publish as an e-book, instead I have a book of coffee quotes. I wanted to have a picnic in a field with food made from scratch, but ended up having one on the lawn of the APT in late November (at least the warm weather here is good for something and the sunset was beautiful). I had planned to can something along side my grandmother, but suddenly found myself experimenting alone.

Yet, in the end, the important thing is: it was done. Sometimes life is about improvising.

I do plan to go back and blog about some major items on the 30 before 30 list. So please look for that. Next I am going to create a 30 DURING 30 list. Afterwards, I hope to transition to a (and I’m not ready to think about it) 40 before 40 list or general list of big things I want to dream of for the future.


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