The 30 During 30

IMG_8456Crazy weather we’ve been having! It was nearly summer in December until yesterday, when the temperature dropped back to normal.

Meanwhile, my sinuses decided it would be a good time to get a cold.

I really, really want to cover some of the larger items on the 30 Before 30 that I didn’t get to blog about. Hopefully, I can get more on that wrote tonight and scheduled to post during the week.

Also, I’ve been mulling over what I want to do for 30 DURING 30. It hasn’t been easy. I have struggled to create the new list since my birthday. We did so much last year, but a lot of it came down to the wire. Therefore, this year I tried to pick more things I know I can realistically do without a lot of help or travel, while still being fun and unique.

So, after a lot of indecision and pressure to plan out the whole year not knowing much of the hubby’s schedule at this point, I give you the 30 During 30 list:

  1. Create A Geocache
  2. AFI’s 100 movies: Original list
  3. Make Figgy Pudding  12/18/15
  4. Make A Fruit Cake 12/17/15
  5. Continue Photo Diary via AdventureKettle on Instagram (in process)
  6. Read Dune
  7. Do 24 Hours of Silence
  8. Go Golfing
  9. Drive A Tractor
  10. Play Messy Twister
  11. Rock Painting
  12. Eat Breakfast In Bed
  13. Collect Postcards from all 50 states (21 out of 50)
  14. Read A Book With Goodreads Bookclub & Discuss
  15. AFI’s 100 Passions list
  16. No long be overweight based on BMI
  17. Take a RWA class
  18. Visit 5 Little Free Libraries
  19. Return to Fort Mountain
  20. Collect 30 recipes from other people
  21. Paint all 10 nails a different color
  22. Relive the 90s for a day
  23. Write 5 Classics’ Corner Book Reviews
  24. Make another batch of Preserves
  25. Try Perler art
  26. Unplug for a day (no computer, tv)
  27. Make a piece of Jewelry to Wear
  28. Write a Children’s story
  29. Continue webcomic
  30. Create more fanart

If you noticed that two of the items are already crossed off, you are correct! This year, I’m not wasting any time. Before the 3-0, I ended up rushing to crochet, creating an ebook on coffee quotes at random, and literally forcing myself to watch 3 movies a day to get the list done and not eat crow on my birthday. This year I resolve to pace myself better.

Anyhow, for List Items 3.) and 4.), I wanted to try some different types of baking for the Christmas Season. My Grandmother loved to bake and passed down the holiday tradition to me. Right now, it’s too difficult to make the same things I made with her. But at the same time, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without making something…so I found new things to try. I’ll blog about it with photos and links to the recipes later.


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