Adult Coloring

IMG_8660When I added “Finish A Coloring Book” to my 30 Before 30, I had no idea how extremely popular coloring books for adults would become.

This holiday season, they are everywhere. Barnes and Noble. Hobby Lobby. The Dollar Store. And the millions of retailers online. They are marketed as this year’s must in stress relief. I think it’s wonderful. If you’re busy but still have the drive to do something creative, a coloring book is quick and easy. I’ve heard of “coloring groups” much like bingo or book clubs, which sounds like a nice way to hang out with like-minded people. Art is relaxing and therapeutic. I don’t know what I would have done without my art classes after my dad died.

So, although there are several great reasons to jump on the Adult Coloring bandwagon, I had different reasons to pick up a coloring book.

Firstly, for the simple fact I’d never done it before. Never finished one. The family bought me countless coloring books as a kid and I’d pretty much color my favorite pages and that was it. Time for another one.


Secondly, I was inspired by a friend. She has a coloring book that several members of her family helped complete. I was really impressed at what a unique heirloom it is for her grandchildren. I would give anything for a coloring book that my grandmother and all her siblings and cousins completed together.

So, more or less, I did it for any future child(ren) I have someday. I want to pass down unique things and creative bits that reflect me personally. Since it’s an ABC coloring book, I can see myself using it as a story to help teach them letters. Then I guess I can one day explain I was thinking about them during my 30 Before 30. Rock on, kids.

If you’re interested in completing your own ABC coloring book, here’s the ISBN info. I bought this one for $1.50 at Cracker Barrel. I’m sure it’s available online as well.




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