The Fully Wrecked Journal

IMG_8947Almost 2016, already? Where did the time go? It certainly has been an action-packed, adventurous year.

Finally making time to “Wreck This Journal” was one of my favorite day-to-day memories of 2015. As a person who, at times, becomes caught up in perfectionism, it was great to accept the mess I created, and, like the Frozen song (that gets on everyone’s nerves by now), Let It Go. Paper gets wet. Let It Go. Pages get torn. Let It Go. Ink bleeds through. Let It Go. Stains are apart of life. Let It Go. You get the picture.

As promised, here’s the final result. I saved mailing it to my hometown for last. I thought it would be nice to send it off finished. Like a completed voyage. And, I’ll admit, my inner neat freak could no longer be silenced. I didn’t want to completely destroy it by removing all the duck and packaging tape.

So, now it’s a time capsule. I’m sure I’ll open it someday to remember this interesting year in which I decided to challenge myself to finally do a few major bucket list items. Maybe I’ll show it to the future kids. Maybe the great grandkids will find it someday and wonder “what in the world is this??”

Thank you, Wreck This Journal, for the memories. Thank you, 2015, for the lessons I have learned. Thank God, for the courage and strength to get through it all.

Happy New Year!


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