My Little Build-A-Bear

IMG_6986During my Marketing class at Shorter University I was given the task of writing a long, detailed paper about the tactics used at Build-A-Bear Workshop INC. While writing this paper, I realized I wanted to actually visit the store and experience the product creation myself. In my dreams, I am able to sew and create an awesome trend like Cabbage Patch dolls or Beanie babies.

I love plushies (in my day we called them stuffed animals…or maybe that was just a Southern taxidermy reference). I still own and display some of them from my childhood. They bring me joy, are eternally sweet and friendly, and I can’t wait to pass them down someday.

However, I had a slight feeling of foreboding going to the store. Being on the edge of 30 and childless, this felt like the geekiest reason to buy a stuffed animal ever. And the question came, as it always does: “So who is this for?” Strangely, people always assume I have kids. Maybe I look like a mom (and I take that as a compliment for possessing characteristics of nurture and femininity). Several times, in stores like Wal-Mart or Ross, children will be left to wander away and the sales associates or other shoppers will ask if they are mine. (Then again maybe this isn’t a compliment if they think I’d be the type that’s ok with free-range tantrums).

Anyhow, while it’s tempting to invent a large, detailed story about having ten kids, all with “Z” names, I just meekly reply, “For me.” Then it gets awkward when they ask if this is your favorite character…and you want to reply, “Well since you don’t sell plush Mr. Darcy’s” but then you’re too introverted, so you say, “Yeah.” But thankfully, I did manage to explain about the 8 weeks I spent writing about Build-A-Bear without having ever been to Build-A-Bear. So maybe the judgement zone equalled out a little.


Ta-dah! My little pony. So cute. Yes, I am one of those annoying people who love unicorns in the non-comical sense. I want to live in a castle surrounded by “The Hunt of The Unicorn” tapestries. “Legend,” before Tom Cruise went crazy, is one of the best fantasy movies. Good costumes and effects.

It was fun! We actually went back and built the hubby a Snoopy.


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