Thoughts: AFI movies continued


GiGi – Clearly, I can see how this movie still influences musicals. Did Disney’s “Beauty and and the Beast” reference this? I mean, besides the awful subject matter and objectification of women…

Funny Girl – Although I just watched this movie, I feel like I’ve seen nods to it my whole life. Lots of “ah-ha” moments when I realized several comic influences. Anyone else think Babs is like Bugs Bunny or vice versa? Much longer than it needed to be, IMO.

The English Patient – Today, this feels so ’90s. As I kid, I recall all the fuss over this movie. How it was marketed as the ultimate drama and romance. I appreciate the overall story, but I struggled with its slowness.

Way Down East, The Jazz Singer, All Quiet On The Western Front – Each could be subtitled “There’s Nothing New Under The Sun”. I was little shocked that films from 1920-1930 dealt with seduction, pregnancy, being the black sheep of one’s family, abandoning one’s culture/religion, shell shock, and loss of ideals/patriotism. I shouldn’t be, since several novels pre-date this material. Yet, “movies” were for the masses and I thought ethical boards of the time would frown. I really need to read more about it.

Manhattan – Oh, Woody. I liked Annie Hall…but this one was a train wreck for me. Maybe I’m just too Southern to appreciate it.

The Quiet Man – A true “where-has-this-movie-been-all-my-life” moment. John Wayne is my preferred cowboy, yet I rarely think of him as a romantic lead. This proved me wrong! Oh the romantic angst, the conflict, the beautiful scenery! IMO, unique plot and setting. I’ll be watching this one again! Good movie for St. Patty’s Day.

Notorious – Having seen several Cary Grant + Alfred Hitchcock, I wasn’t expecting anything new. “To Catch A Thief” was enjoyable, but not my favorite. The tension between Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman starts wonder. Then the movie slows a little. I started playing on my phone, until the main characters finally go down into the basement. After that point, I was hooked. OMG that ending, you must see it.