Knocking the AFI lists out

Argh, still behind on everything…

Bucketlist “30 During 30” has took a backseat to my creative writing life.


I’ve wrote well over 100,000 words this year. Great for my stories, not so great for my blogs.


Anyhow, here’s some thoughts on the last of the AFI movies:

NINOTCHKA – Funny for an old movie, worth seeing. Shows the clash between communism vs. capitalism with humor.

LAST TANGO IN PARIS – Well acted, but terrible subject matter…I guess it was 50 Shades, before 50 Shades.

THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE – Classic title, which I have meme’d and joked about for years (I love going to the mailbox). Anyways, wow. Awful situation, but I can see how it inspired all the crime dramas of today.

A PLACE IN THE SUN – Ditto…just madness…Still love Elizabeth Taylor, though.

REDS – Great actors, but film felt much, much longer than it needed to be…

PICNIC – Ditto, apparently a lot can happen at a community picnic.

TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT – Probably the best one I hadn’t seen. Bogart is a good alpha and the chemistry between the characters is off the charts.

WHAT’S UP, DOC? – Babs acting like a hyper cartoon character…I guess this is where we get Babs Bunny. Dated, but I can see the influence on chick-flicks and female comedians today.

ROXANNE – Wow, how did I miss this one? Super unrealistic, but very funny. Made for a good 80s throwback date night.

COMING HOME– War, injuries, bitterness, depression…sad movie.

WOMAN OF THE YEAR – You can’t go wrong with Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn as a duo.

THE GOODBYE GIRL – I think I vaguely remember this one as a kid. Cute, heartwarming, recommended. Characters I actually liked and rooted for.

THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING– Argh, this people just needed to form a hippie commune and all live together.

THE BIRTH OF A NATION – Issues addressed in the old film still matter today. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

FRANKENSTEIN – Classic, way ahead of its day, but very different from the heart of the book.