Messy Twister

twisterAh, Twister. Fun childhood memories of falling over!

Honestly, I had forgotten all about the game until I became addicted to Pinterest. Searching for “bucketlist” items, one that continuously came up was “Messy Twister” or Twister played with paint.

Suddenly, I became nolgastic. Both for the game and art class and summer nights in the yard.

I price compared the game at several stores (Target, Wal-Mart), but I hated to ruin a perfectly good gameboard with paint. I had considered using a large sheet of paper left over from one of my college art classes…but then I forgot to bring it to my in-laws house…I always forget to pack something while traveling.

Hobby Lobby really didn’t have a sheet of paper large enough for the game. So, I decided that a white plastic tablecloth would be a good improvise and cheap enough to throw away afterwards.


We already had a pack of washable Crayola paint left over from our “egg canvas” art project.


Definitely messy, but fun! Note our “old” clothes. I was worried that they would be forever stained. However, immediately after the game I put the clothes in the bathtub with dish soap, rang them out, let them dry, and then washed them like normal in the washing machine. Not a spot of paint left on them! When Crayola means “washable” they mean “washable.”

All and all great memory we’ll try again sometime.